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Green Waste Recycling

We grind and reduce disposal wood waste, wooden pallets, wooden crates and boxes on site and use the by-products for colored mulch. We normally work within a 100 mile radius of Charleston, South Carolina.

We are a leader in recycling green waste. We sort our wood material and grind it to create a colored mulch. In addition we compost leaves and small branches to create a planting mix. This process is also done for other landscapers and cities with green waste. We should be a green community already by the nature of our business. It can cost less than other disposal options, and creates income for the company.

Green Waste Recycling, Disposal and Management

South Carolina Wood Waste Management, Inc. currently manages green waste for clients in the landscaping industry, golf course management, community associations, developers in land clearing, and with several local tree companies. A bi-product of these industries is green waste which includes the following: leaves, wood, grass clippings, left over sod, and debris. We process these materials into either colored mulch or topsoil-compost mixtures. Recycling is not only fashionable it is becoming more profitable for companies to hire waste wood management companies to deal with their waste wood products.

We currently have clients in North Charleston /Hanahan, Charleston, Mount Pleasant, West Ashley, James Island, Goose Creek, Summerville, Daniel Island, Moncks Corner, Santee, and most recently Kiawah Island. For extremely large jobs we have been known to temporarily work outside of our local area.

Landscape companies as well as tree companies that use traditional roll-off containers for disposal are spending more on disposal cost than is necessary. This is especially true for those in the lawn maintenance business that have an outlet to sell these reprocessed products back into the local community. Landscape companies in Charleston are beginning to use the top-soil, compost and colored mulch for their customer’s yards. I am often told that just having the finished products displayed on the business’ yard has led to drive-by traffic popping in to inquire on purchasing either topsoil, compost or one of the colored mulches being displayed at the facility. Over a period of time income generated thru sales of colored mulch, topsoil and compost combined with savings from reduced disposal costs can negate any disposal cost you were previously incurring.

Tree companies deal with a high volume of wood over a year’s time. If you are a tree company you are often working hand-in-hand with local landscape companies in completing outdoor projects for homeowners. Once you start having piles of quality colored mulch and at a price cheaper than what landscapers are accustomed to paying, they will purchase these products from you. While some tree companies sell firewood there is often more waste wood products that should also be processed and sold. I mean how much firewood can you really sell considering the moderate temperatures that we have in our area? Mulch on the other hand is purchased year round.

Landscape Companies and Wood Waste Management

Landscape companies also create a high volume of clippings, leaves, debris and sod leftovers each and every day. It cost money and takes time for the lawn maintenance crews to place yard debris into plastic bags, haul them back to the shop and then throw them off into roll-off containers for disposal. Not to mention this process can create an unsightly work area in just one busy season.  A better way to manage your green waste is to have the crews separate wood products in one area of the trailer and another area for clippings, leaves, and sod and then cover these areas with a tarp. Then upon arriving at your shop one pile goes into the wood pile and the other gets raked out into the clippings pile. This method saves times in loading, reduces purchasing plastic bags and their environmental impact, and ensures that pre-sorting only take place once. As these two piles grow larger at your shop you would contact us to process the piles either monthly, quarterly or annually with our mobile on-site grinding unit. Think about it, there is no haul off cost and no transportation cost to bring in the inventory. Of course ,you do have customers who prefer pine straw, but as more and more Notherners infiltrate our region, demand for mulch is increasing. People who drive past your shop see the products and you can easily determine when inventories are getting low or too high. We have also heard from our landscape clients that having this on-going relatively cheap supply of product has allowed them to easily comp clients who may feel they deserve a little TLC or something extra.

Land Developers and Wood Waste

Another sector of the population that are quickly becoming clients are land developers. When you think about it, it’s kind of crazy for a land developer to incur cost associated with hauling off yards and yards of wood and debris just to have to turn around later in the project and purchase topsoil for grading or purchase mulch for bedding areas in order to complete the project. These products could begin to be stockpiled for future use or used more immediately throughout the different phases of the project.  As you know it is becoming increasingly unpopular to see smoke rising from a controlled burn. Not only does it appear to pollute the air, but as more and more children are being diagnosed with allergies and asthma parents are becoming more proactive in reporting environmental issues and concerns. Burning waste wood is like smoking cigarettes- it’s just not cool anymore. 

Golf Courses and Wood Waste and Green Waste

It may come as a surprise but golf courses acquire and accumulate a lot of wood waste and green waste. South Carolina Wood Waste Management currently works with several golf courses in our area. We grind their wood waste into products for reuse on the golf courses as well as for use in problem area (fairways, washout areas, erosion control, etc) We mix their collection of leaves, grass clippings and dirt with fill dirt to make a nice potting soil / topsoil mix which they use throughout the golf course. This has reduced disposal cost for a certain Charleston area golf course by 80% and this is not including the added benefit of having the by-products handy and on site for use for their crews to use as needed.

Green Waste Recycling

If any of our clients ever feels that they have an excess of these products they can easily be spread over open fields as a topsoil dressing and reseeded. Another popular option is to donate them thru Craig's List to those within the community. Depending on who you donate to these products may be used as a charity write-off or tax deduction. Some choose to donate to local churches, parks, police and fire houses, orphanages, shelters and schools. Many schools are interested in soil for starting student gardens. No matter who you donate to you can feel good about giving something back to humanity.

Small communities can compost and sort their own roadside debris and again create a compost mix, and some colored or uncolored mulch products which can then be freely used within the community as needed. This becomes a creative way to recycle waste wood and green waste into products that can be stored on site and used in the future to beautify the community. Feel free to give us a call and learn more about the different options that we offer.