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As businesses become ever more aware of the environment, many customers are turning to buy recycled pallets to aid them in doing their part to help save the planet.  

We service North Charleston, Charleston, Ladson, Goose Creek, Hanahan, Moncks Corner, Summerville, Holly Hill, West Ashley, Mount Pleasant, SC

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Pallet Recycling — Our Complete System

South Carolina Wood Waste Management [SCWWM] offers the environmentally friendly service of recycling wooden pallets with a complete pallet recycling system.  We retrieve, buy, inspect, recover and re-manufacture or repair pallets.  Our recycled GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) pallets are repaired, graded and sold based on each pallet's condition.  SCWWM finalizes the recycle process by painting all of our recycled pallets green giving them a distinct identity as a purposeful recycled skid.  On the outside stringers,

'SCWWM' is stenciled, along with a toll-free number that can be called to have empty pallets picked up.  We sell recycled and remanufactured pallets in a variety of common and custom sizes including the standard 48" X 40" GMA.  As professionals in this field, we will assist you in determining which recycled pallet is best suited for your shipping requirements.  

As a pallet recycling company, we collect unwanted empty pallets or “cores” that accumulate in places like manufacturing plants and distribution centers that might be otherwise charged for disposal. We also retrieve wood pallets from vendors with a small amount of skids they have accumulated from retail outlets or other small businesses.

Arriving pallets are typically sorted into different sizes and grades.  Pallets may be sorted into:

  • popular sizes and grades,
  • repairable pallets,
  • pallets for dismantling.

The customers who maintain their own pool of pallets find these services favorable, including the green disposal processes that complement corporate sustainability initiatives.  We can assess a current pallet management program and make recommendations that may reduce the number of new pallets required to replenish inventory while delivering unexpected savings to our customers.

SCWWM Pallet Recovery and Management Services include:

  • Reconditioned pallets
  • Remanufactured pallets
  • Removal and disposal of wood products
  • On-site trailers, equipment and labor to reduce direct labor costs, and landfill and equipment costs
  • In addition to reclaiming and recycling lumber for pallet repair, also recycles nails as well as other industrial packaging materials
  • Spent pallets and materials that are beyond their usable life are turned into yard mulch, playground cover, boiler fuel, pellet fuel and animal bedding

Pallets Available:

  • ISPM15 Certified Heat Treated
  • GMA Grade A/#1
  • GMA Grade B/#2
  • Grade B+/Upgraded B (1 Stringer Repair)
  • Glass
  • Euro
  • 48x40 Block
  • Custom sizes

For current inventory, more information, or to discuss the benefits of recycled wood pallets, email us or call us at 843.343.8267.